Maribor, June 8, 2019

Pandora – Art of Pole from Maribor has been connecting, educating and making new friendships for many years through pole dance. This time with intensive all-day workshops, as part of the Pole & Fly event, we are spreading our acquaintances across the borders of all our neighboring countries. Throughout the day, there will be 7 different workshops, where we will learn new tricks and stunts on the pole, the ring and the silk. Workshops will be guided by 7 instructors, and the event will also feature designers of pole dance clothes and accessories. Instructors from Austria, Italy, Hungary, Croatia and Slovenia will be with us!

Training with us is not just a training, it is a form of socializing and entertainment, so those of you, who do not know us yet, book extra time for the event. Come join us!


Workshop schedule

Studio 2Studio 3
9.00-10.30 9.00 - 10.15
Marko Urbanek
Aerial yoga - Aerial Tricks Dance
Pole Coreography
Beginner / Intermediate
Špela Stegne, Slovenia
Pole Kids (75 min)
Beginner (suitable for children: 8 - 13 years)
Maša Pinner
Contemporary pole
Christine Unger
Christine`s performance combos
12.45-14.30Time for lunch
Ana Čudić
Pole Acrobatics
Polona Gams
Aerial hoop
All levels
Ilka Bardóczy
Vortex - rotation around fix/static pole
Bianca Bi. Brenčič
Slovenia / Italy
Exotic All In
Intermediate and up

Both studios are equipped with Lupit Pole poles.

Workshop prices for participants:

One workshop + welcome gift: 30 €
Package of 2 workshops per person + welcome gift: 55 €
Package of 3 workshops per person + welcome gift: 80 €
Package price of 3 workshops per person, if at least 10 people from the same studio apply: 75 €
Package price of 2 workshops per person, if at least 10 people from the same studio apply: 50 €
The price of each workshop per person, if at least 10 people from the same studio apply: 25 €
Additional workshop for package: 25 €

Prior applications are required by e-mail:
The application is confirmed upon prior payment to the account of Pandora – Art of Pole. The number of places is limited. When registering, please state which workshop you are applying for.


Payment details:

Društvo Pandora – Art of Pole
Tkalski prehod 7
2000 Maribor

IBAN: SI56045150002531432 (NOVA KBM d.d.)
REFERENCE: 00 08062019
Purpose of payment: PoleFly3


Workshop: Christine`s performance combos (90min)
Level: intermediate

Christine is looking forward to show you small and easy combos she danced at competitions. You should feel safe at in- and outside leg hangs.  You will do splits on the pole, but you do not have to be super at splits. The workshop is for the “intermediate” level and but it is desirable that you have at least tried to pole on a spinning pole, as we will be working mainly work on the spinning pole.

Christine started pole dancing at the age of 51 – after her divorce. She loves working on (dance) projects, especially for animal rights and also adores time spent preparing for competitions.

Her goal is to inspire young and older women to this beautiful, powerful dance and to show that boundaries are above all in the head!

Christine’s motto is: “Never give up!”


ANA ČUDIĆ, Croatia
Workshop: Pole acrobatics (90 min)
Level: intermediate/advanced

This workshop will consist of both static and dynamic warm up, specific strength exercises focusing on using the right technique to help you achieve dynamic, but also controlled acrobatic moves on the pole (flips, regrips, acrobatic catches, jump offs) and executing elements such as Fonji, flip variations on and off the pole, and variations, cartwheel variations etc.

Ana Cudic, Zoi, professor of gym class, pole and silks instructor and performer, gymnastic coach in GK Salto Zadar for the last 5 years, and former owner of pole studio Vertikala. Currently working as aerial silks instructor and performer in Traumatic Arts (pole, flying pole, silks). Her pole act is a standard part of a weekly cabaret show in Kontesa jazz club Zagreb.

Most of her life has been dancing, mostly contemporary and jazz, and the past 8 years been doing aerials. She loves movement in general, both on the floor and in the air. :)

She won Pole Art Slovenia, was Croatian National Champion, Pole Battle Adria Champion, Pole Art Croatia (Drama) winner, two times runner up at EPSAC and participant on IPSF in London representing Croatia.



Workshop: Vortex – rotation around fix/static pole (90min)
Level: intermediate/advanced (feel safe in Cupid, Shouldermount and Aysha)

This workshop will be dedicated for combos for intermediate and advanced level, all of them includes techniques how to use different part of our body for static spins and rotations. In Hungary, at my workshop, we usually have a short time for change a little part or movement in the learnt combination, due some instructions, for discover your/our body`s freedom and use your own ideas to make it more “colorized” by your/our personality.

Ilka is a professional circus artist and trainer. Her main disciplines are pole and aerial pole. She is very proud that in 2018 IPSF adopted her signature trick SP 46 (supported sailor back bend, point 1.0)

She works as pole instructor since 2012, and works also as circus performer on aerial pole, aerial hoop, aerial silk, straps and trapeze. When she was competing in pole dance, Ilka won World Championship in 2011 (Budapest) and 2012 (Zurich), European Championship in 2012 (Rome) and 2014 (Prague).


Workshop : Aerial Hoop (90min)
Level: All levels

An aerial hoop or an airborne ring training is a type of circus art that is becoming very popular all over the world.
Want to reveal the hidden abilities of your body or simply realize your dream and try out the role of aerial acrobat?
The exercise is a very interesting and at the same time a complicated area of acrobatics, because it takes place on a metal ring that is securely attached to the ceiling.

For exercise, we need: a shirt, a sweatpants or leggings, socks, a towel and water.

By education, Polona is a doctor of medicine. “Knowing the anatomy and physiology of sport is invaluable in training and teaching acrobatics and pole dance. I always plan my trainings by preparing the body for new positions, movements with exercises before acrobatics, thus reducing the risk of injury.”

Polona started her sports career in elementary school with gymnastics and cheerleading. She has been training cheerleading for 10 years and has won several national and European championships. In her late teens, she began to test the dance waters by learning various dance types, from reggaeton, jazz ballet, acrobatics to aerial hoop and pole dance. As a member of the show dance group Mystique, she performed with various musicians, from Kingston to Umek, and appeared as a dancer and acrobat on stages all over Slovenia.

She first began training aerial hoop and pole dance in 2012. She spent most of her career training at “Pole Dance Studio Ljubljana” under the mentorship of Iryna Pisek. In 2016 she became an aerial hoop and pole dance instructor. “I am most pleased when I see the progress of my students. With regular training they gain strength, control over movement, and above all positive body image. Girls who had trouble at their first pirouettes, can today perform dizzying acrobatics with ease and grace.” She perfects her knowledge of acrobatics and pole dance with world-class dancers.


Workshop: Contemporary Pole (90 min)
Level: intermediate

This workshop is for those, who want to experience pole dance in a different way. You will learn diverse combinations of elements and transitions to pole and add the expressiveness of dance, and combine everything into a unique choreography.

Maša Pinner is a designer, costume designer and pole dance teacher at Pandora – Art of Pole. It has always been her passion to express herself through different media. Her pole dance lessons are different, energetic, and full of laughter.


BIANKA BI, Slovenia/Italy
Workshop: Exotic All In (90 min)
Level: intermediate and up

What do you like the most of Exotic? Flow, floorwork, long flow transitions, jumps … or just all together?

If you want them all, this class is made for you. Flow, transitions, pirouettes and of course spicy jumps and kicks. All united in choreo.

The best of exotic world.

Bianca Bi is a Slovenian pole dancer, who started her career as an artistic roller-skater at age of 3. She discovered pole dance during her university studies and when the time came for her to decide, whether to become a lawyer or a pole dancer, she chose pole. She is a winner of Exotic Moon 2016 in semi-pro category and also a proud creator of Bambola’s Shoes, a well known brand of exotic dance footwear. Her dance style is sassy and cheeky, full of flips, drops and challenging tricks. As a pole dancer, she works mainly in Italy.


Workshop: Aerial Tricks Dance (Aerial yoga) (90 min)
Level: beginner/intermediate
(you should be in good physical condition, especially in your upper body – arms and shoulders)

We use the special Aerial hammock while sitting, lying or standing to warm up and later on to perform aerial inversions, figures and tricks in the air. The individual learned elements are then linked into a longer sequence, enabling a flowing transition between them and thus we can dance. The session is concluded with relaxation while the hammock gently supports us.

The program was designed in 2014 by Marko Urbanek, an academic dancer and choreographer, a graduate of the Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance, where he graduated from contemporary dance, ballet and yoga, and in 2011 at the Dance Academy in Ljubljana gained a degree in “Dance, Choreography”. As a teacher of contemporary dance, ballet and yoga, he has been working in Maribor and Ljubljana since 2006. Since 2007 he has been president of the Cultural Society Dance Centre Maribor and artistic director of professional contemporary dance company Tovarishia Dance Company.




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