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Pandora – Art of Pole from Maribor has been connecting people, educating, and creating new friendships through pole dance for many years. Pole & Fly event will offer all-day workshops, and will spread our connections across the borders of our former homeland. Ten different instructors will lead eight different workshops in one day; besides that, various designers of pole dance clothes and accessories will present their products. Instructors from Croatia, Serbia, Macedonia, and Slovenia will lead the workshops.

In our house a training is not merely a training, it is much more, it is a form of socializing and entertainment; so those who have not yet met us, make sure to have some extra time. You are welcome!



Hall 2Hall 3
Tina Perko
Mademoiselle - Ljubljana, Slovenia
Pole Coreography
Jelena Bokšan
Pole dance akademija - Belgrade, Serbia
pole power
Tea Sršen
Star House - Zadar, Croatia
Signature Tricks&combos
Bojana Boranieva & Maja Krsteska
Pole People - Skopje, Macedonia
Lift me up-acro yoga
12.45-14.30Socializing and time for lunch
Ana Cudić
K-team - Zagreb, Croatia
Pole Acrobatic
Ivo Štrkljevič
Dolce Vita - Split, Croatia
Static Power
Mia Kuleš & Mia Špoljarić
Pole Heights - Zagreb, Croatia
Fly with me
Maša Pinner
Pandora - Art of Pole
contemporary pole
all level

Both halls are equipped with Lupit Pole poles.

Pricelist for participants:

One workshop + welcome gift: 30 €
A package of 2 workshops per person + welcome gift: 55 €
A package of 3 workshops per person + welcome gift: 80 €
The price for a package of 3 workshops per person when at least 10 members of the same studio apply: 75 €
The price for a package of 2 workshops per person when at least 10 members of the same studio apply: 50 €
The price of individual workshop when at least 10 members of the same studio apply: 25 €
Additional workshop to the package: 25 €

You are requested to apply in advance via info@pandora-artofpole.com

Your application is confirmed by payment to our account. The number of participants is limited.
In your application, write the name of the workshop you would like to attend

Account information:

Društvo Pandora – Art of Pole
Tkalski prehod 7
2000 Maribor

IBAN: SI56045150002531432 (NOVA KBM d.d.)
REFERENCE: 00 23062018
Purpose: PoleFly


Workshop: Signature tricks & combos-static pole (90 min)

Level: intermediate/advanced

We will learn tricks like Chest Press, Tear, Spleen, Double Knot, Stardust, Nautilus and transitions like shoulder mount to chest press to shoulder roll drop, flatline thread through to flatline thread through to cupid, cupid elbow dismount to fish dive + variations Nautilus and Stardust.

Tea started pole dancing at the beginning of 2014, at the age of almost 28. Immediately, at the first class, she fell in love with the pole. Soon she began to practice pole dance every day at home, while at the same time learning other aerial arts such as aerial silk and lyra. Soon she became an instructor, and at the end of August 2016 opened her own studio Star House pole dance and aerial arts. Although she never participated in any pole dance competition, she has been known for her signature tricks since 2015. Almost all of her tricks enjoy tremendous popularity, for example Chest press, Double knot, Spider, Spleen and Tear. She finds greatest compliment when other dancers think she has been doing ballet or gymnastics since the truth is just the opposite – she has no sport or dance background. Her motto is “Work hard, dream big, do bigger” and with her example, she wants to encourage people to believe in themselves and follow their dreams.


Workshop: “Lift Me Up” – AcroYoga Basics Workshop (90 min)

Level: beginner/intermediate

We will introduce you to another way to cheat gravity and engage trust within your body and your partner. AcroYoga is a physical practice, which combines partner acrobatics, yoga and Thai massage.
Starting with partner warm up we will learn how to trust each other before we continue with the more challenging acrobatic figures. Each student will learn how to base, fly and spot the basic elements and figures of AcroYoga. Once the “base” and the “flyer” achieve their balance and trust, we will try to connect all mastered moves into an AcroYoga flow sequence.

Bojana Boranieva_Co-founder and co-owner of the first Pole Dance & Fitness studio in Macedonia – Pole People Skopje. She has been Pole Fitness instructor since 2013 and active participant in international pole workshops and retreats. Impressed by the art of body movement and the challenge of “cheating” gravity she fell in love in AcroYoga at her first “flight”. Her enthusiasm about AcroYoga led her to collaboration with the gymnasts of the Macedonian gymnastic club “Orce Nikolov”, with whom she started to organize the very first AcroYoga/Balance classes and jams in Macedonia in 2016.

Maja Krsteska started with Pole Dance&Fitness classes at Pole People Skopje in 2014. At the same time, she started to explore the capabilities of body and mind through Capoeira and Yoga. Her ultimate challenge was learning the secrets of Aerial Arts. In 2017 she became the first Aerial Instructor in Macedonia, teaching Aerial Yoga and Aerial Sling at Pole People Skopje. Besides Aerial Certification, she is also a certified Yoga teacher. She found the perfect combination of acrobatics and yoga into AcroYoga. She is now AcroYoga assistant at PPS AcroYoga jams and classes.


Workshop: Pole Acrobatics-static pole (90 min)

Stopnja: advanced

This workshop will consist of dynamic warm up, and specific strength exercises that will help you achieve dynamic  acrobatic moves on pole (flips,  re-grips, catches, dynamic spins, jump offs) and executing elements such as Fonji, Flip variations on and off the pole, Phoenix spin and variations, Cartwheel variations etc.

Ana Čudić Zoi is a professor of gym, pole and silks instructor and performer, was a gymnastic coach in GK Salto Zadar for 5 years, is the owner of pole studio Vertikala, which is now closed as she moved to Zagreb. She currently works at K-Team as pole instructor, as well as aerial silks instructor and performer in Traumatic Arts (pole, flying pole, silks). Her pole act is a standard part of a weekly cabaret show in Kontesa jazz club Zagreb.
Most of her life she has been dancing, mostly contemporary and jazz, and the past 7 years she has been doing aerials.  She love movement in general, both on the floor and in the air.
She has won The Art of Poledance Slovenia, was Croatian National Champion, Pole Battle Adria Champion, Pole Art Croatia (Drama) winner, two times runner up at EPSAC and participant on IPSF in London representing Croatia.


Workshop:Static power – static pole (90 min)

Stopnja: intermediate/advanced

Static pole gives us many possibilities for spins and jumps. At this workshop, we will work on right entries to different power spins and jumps on the pole, techniques to get into a spin and to jump into a spin. You will also learn different re-greps, from funny grip to handspring grip, and others.
Ivo is a pole dance instructor from Split, Croatia. Currently, he is working as an instructor at dance studio Dolce Vita. He upgraded his work, when he started working with Ingrid Jerak and Mia Kuleš. In 2017, he went on a first competition and got a silver medal (EPSAC). One year later, he was a runner up in IPSAC in elite men category. In his career, he has performed in Mental show for producer and choreographer Ingrid Jurak in the Croatian National theatre in Zadar and in Zagreb.


Workshop: Pole Choreography- static pole (90 min)

Level: beginners/intermediate (minimum level 2, climb and crucifix)

At this workshop, we will work on dynamic of transitions and put it in choreography.

Tina is owner and instructor at Mademoiselle dance studio in Ljubljana, Slovenia. She is organiser of The Art of Pole Dance event in 2014, 2015 and judge at Pole Dance competitions. As a former lover of fitness, she replaced it with pole dance after she first saw live performance of gorgeous Marion Crampe. Pole dance overwhelmed her completely and made a great impact on her life.


Workshop: Pole Power – static pole (90 min)

Stopnja: intermediate/advanced

This workshop is about strength, speed and control. You will learn different ways into
handspring, ayesha, flag, shoulder mount, some re-grips and power combos. I will teach you how to use momentum in various entries and transitions and how to use technique instead of strength, because you should save your strength for holding some flags in the end.

Jelena Bokšan comes from Belgrade, Serbia. She has been poledancing for 6.5 years and has been teaching pole in her Sports club “Pole dance” Akademija for 5 years.
Over the years, she competed in doubles category with her partner Nela Ivanković and they have won:
– 1 st place in Amateur Hungarian pole sport competition 2014. (Budapest, Hungary)
– 3 rd place in European Pole Show Art Championship 2015. (Zagreb, Croatia)
– 1 st place in European Pole Show Art Championship 2016. (Zagreb, Croatia)
– 1 st place in Professional Drama category in Pole Theatre Croatia 2016. (Pula, Croatia)
She also participated in many Serbian music videos for various famous singers: Željko Joksimović, Sha, Ministarke, Elitni Odredi, VivaVox choir, and two times in Serbia’s Got talent show where they managed to get all the way to the finals, and this way she is trying to promote pole sport in Serbia in a sporty and healthy way. Her club is the organizer of Serbia’s first pole sport competition POLE SPORT OPEN CHAMPIONSHIP that took place for the second time this year, and she is proud to say that girls that she teaches  won 7 medals this time. She is a master of architecture since 2010, but she decided to use her knowledge in statics, physics and geometry by working with human body and it’s capabilities, which she believes is much healthier lifestyle then sitting in a chair for 10 hours a day.



Workshop: FLY with me! – spinning pole (120 min)

Stopnja: intermediate in advanced

“Fly with me!” is a workshop for spinning pole lovers and those who will soon to be ones! It is all about the flow and gentle transitions into endless spins and bendy moves!

Mia Kuleš

Her pole dance journey started in April 2012 after she had seen a video of Jenyne Butterfly performing at USPDF the same year. That strength, absolute control and grace in movement astounded her! In 2013, she won a bronze medal at Third Croatian Pole Dance Championship in amateur category and shortly after, she started teaching. In 2016, she opened her own studio “Pole Heights” where she prepared students for Pole Theatre and International Pole Show Art Championship as a trainer and mentor with the daily life of a studio owner and instructor. At the end of last year, her dream to teach outside of her own studio came true so she held workshops in Slovenia, Serbia, Austria and Italy.
She says she was lucky to have learned from her biggest inspirations as Marion Crampe, Natasha Wang, Sergia Louise Anderson, Marlo Fisken, Maddie Sparkle, Michelle Shimmy, Alex Shukin, Magnus Labbe, and Kuba Zieliński.
She likes to say that she is the biggest fan of spinning pole, bendy moves, interesting and flowy transitions because to her, flying is the same as breathing and pole dance definitely changed her life.

Mia Špoljarić

She began her pole dance journey in April of 2015 and immediately fell in love with the sport and dance combined! Since than her dream was to pursue this calling and to expand her love and knowledge, and to share it with others. She was given the opportunity by her first trainer and pole dance icon, Mia Kuleš to work with her in her studio Pole Heights. For the last year and a half, she has been working in Pole Heights having workshops called ‘Poleography’.
Poleography is based on movement, flow and smooth transitions on spinning pole, including floorwork and strength. She will make you listen to and feel the music and move smoothly but with precision and technique. Every workshop is unique and is for every level, but it mostly includes intermediate level elements.
“Pole dance is my biggest passion and it motivates me in every aspect of life to do better and to learn and upgrade myself physically and intellectually.”


MAŠA PINNER, Maribor, SLOVENIJA / Pandora – Art of Pole
Workshop: Twisted therapy-static pole (90min)
Stopnja: intermediate

The workshop is for those who want to experience pole dance in a different way. We will learn diverse combinations of elements and transitions to pole and add the expressiveness of dance, and combine everything into a unique choreography.

Maša Pinner is a designer, costume designer and pole dance teacher at Pandora – Art of Pole. It has always been her passion to express herself through different media. Her pole dance lessons are different, energetic, and full of laughter.




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