20161214_154202Do you want to do something for your body and soul, but don’t have day care for your little one? Or do you simply want to do activities with your baby present? This workshop is intended for all mothers who want a fun way to strengthen their body and want to have their baby with them while they train. It’s a fun combination of whole-body training for the mother and relaxed socializing of mothers and their children at the same time. Training for mom consists of strength training, stretching exercises, learning elements by the pole and on it and pole dance. Meanwhile babies observe their mothers with interest, explore a new environment and play with each other. By listening to the music and looking at how their mom is dancing, they develop an ear for music and rhythm, as well as 20161214_154342_LLSbuild their social skills through contact with other children. Occasionally mothers take them in their arms and dance with them.

The entire training is adapted so that no prior knowledge of pole dance or other types of dance is need.
Training lasts 75 minutes. It is intended for mothers and their infants up to one year of age or until they learn to walk.

However, because our sweethearts are very unpredictable, every session will be adapted to their needs and mood. It is therefore quite normal for you to take a break during the session, to change the baby or feed them if needed. The workshop is a great way to spend some quality time with your baby, but also to do something good for your body and well-being.
What do you need to practice: Comfortable clothing, water, towel, toys, baby pad (blanket or tetra diaper for the baby to lie on, if they are not crawling yet).

* The mother, not the instructor, must ensure the safety of the baby.