For who is it intended?

Generally speaking – it is intended for everyone! Men and women any age, children dance as well. But Pandora – Art of Pole organizes lessons only for women.

For whom is pole dance not recommended?

It is not recommended for pregnant women, to those who have issues with their spine, hearth diseases, epilepsy, diabetes, altogether to all who have any medical issues. In case of medical issues consult your physician whether the exercise is appropriate for you or not.
The exercise is performed at one’s own risk. Center plesa (Dance Centre), and Pandora do not take any responsibility for injuries that happen during the practice. Each person knows best what their abilities and restrictions are.

Is pole dance appropriate for weight loss?

Indeed! Climbs, descents, twirls, spins and other turns strengthen all muscles, especially muscles of shoulders, stomach, behind, and thighs. Regular trainings strengthen even the problem zones of a female body and therefore a firm and seductive body is shaped. In addition to exercise we recommend balanced and proper diet, and especially as little stressful days as possible.

Which women join pole dance?

Teenagers, girls, and ladies shape their body at our classes. High school girls, students, mothers, wives, as well as some grandmothers… Female soldiers, waitresses, doctors, hairdressers, teachers, shop assistants, lawyers … In short, women of all ages, sizes and fitness levels who want to be fit, feel good in their own skin and learn how to best express their femininity.

I am well-built. Is pole dance suitable for me?

Indeed! Pole dance is an exercise that is suitable for all healthy women, irrespective of their weight. Regular exercise can however change number of their kilograms.

I am not sufficiently strong for pole dance. Should I join nevertheless?

Of course! Trainings are composed so as to acquire strength gradually. It is normal that we are weaker at the beginning. Pole dance is great exercise, at which your progress is visible very soon – as well your strength since the whole body is active during the entire training. Try it and you will be surprised by how quickly you will progress!

Is it possible to start the training at any time?

It is a specific form of exercise, so it is not possible to join the group at any time. When new members are invited to join us, introductory training is organized. Applications for introductory training are always accepted. You may apply at: or write on our Facebook page.

What is introductory pole dance training?

It is a complimentary training at which our future members get to see what pole dance training looks like. It lasts 60 min and you need to apply for it. Introductory training takes place when we invite new members to join us.

How do I sign in?

If you enjoyed the introductory training, we will settle a schedule of your trainings. You will also fill in an application form and a questionnaire regarding your health, familiarize yourself with our regulations, and pay the enrolment fee and the costs of training for the first month. See you at the first training.

How often should I train?

You can train once, twice, three times a week or more. Private lessons are available as well. If you own a pole, you can also practice at home. Regardless the frequency of trainings, appreciate your body and do not exaggerate. The training should be pleasurable.

What should I know before I start?

It is recommended not to use body lotions on the day of your training. Your hands should be clean and dry before the practice. Take off all jewellery and your wristwatch. Trainings begin punctually; therefore you should come 10 minutes before to change clothes.

What do I need for training?

Wear comfortable clothes: sweats or tights, a T-shirt and shorts (if your instructor advises you to bring them). A bottle of water and a smaller towel are recommended as well.

Do I need high heels for the training?

We train either barefoot or in sports shoes. It is a recreational form of exercise, meant for maintaining and improving fitness, shaping body, relaxing and having fun. Elements you have learned during trainings might of course be practised at home by your own pole, heels and sensual moves included. :)

Is pole dance striptease?

No. Pole dance is a contemporary genre of artistic dance during which a dancer performs different dancing elements by the vertical pole without taking their clothes of. In a way it is a mixture of dance, fitness training, yoga, and gymnastics. Seductive and gentle acrobatic moves make pole dance a fun training that gives a splendid opportunity to shape a perfect body. Flexibility, endurance, and quite some physical strength are necessary for pole dance.

Is it possible to practise at home, without an instructor?

If you are willing to abstain from laughter and socializing with other girls…..then yes of course it is possible! There are many online courses available. However, it is advisable not to practice completely alone, and to have someone around while you practice. Acrobatic elements, which may be life threatening if done alone and unsupervised, are performed during practice. For this reason practicing with an instructor is irreplaceable! Still it is desired for girls who attend our trainings to have their own pole at home and practice the same exercise they did during the trainings. Those who do not have a pole at home can attend Pandora’s special lessons.

Why choose your pole dance class and not any other?

We ensure qualitative execution of trainings with professional instructors, good price, possibility of substituting classes when you are unable to attend them, and possibility to progress to higher levels. Additional educational workshops with topmost, internationally renowned pole dance stars are organized for our members. Instructors regularly further educate themselves. Besides, lots of fun, laughter, new acquaintances, friends, and informal socialising outside training are guaranteed. If you are willing to accept all that, the doors to our Pandora family are wide opened! All in all there are more and more members each year! Welcome.

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