Training lasts 90 minutes and consists of three parts:

  • warm up (body training, improving fitness, and raising flexibility),
  • learning elements and integrating them into choreography,
  • relaxation (to prevent muscle soreness).

During the training we learn:

  • dance steps by the pole and on the floor (floor work),
  • elements of spinning on the pole (spins),
  • different positions and acrobatic figures on the pole without touching the floor (tricks).

At Pandora – Art of Pole there are three different major difficulty levels:

  • beginners,
  • intermediate,
  • advanced.


Contemporary pole workshop is based on modern/contemporary dance technique, combined with elementary dance by the pole, where the emphasis lies on dance. Finding possibilities to include dance codex into basic dance by the pole, the cliché about the pole is somehow negated, and the feeling of a more serious on stage art comes to foreground.

The beginning of each training consist of basic warm up and stretching, followed by technical dance exercises and warming the pole, then choreographies are created, finished by a final relaxation.

Dance expressiveness and own interpretative expressions, which are a unique added value to the movement material by the pole, are desired from members. We do not continuously keep ourselves around the pole, we are rather searching for possibilities of transition to the pole and from the pole and around the pole and then proceed to combination of dance moves. One owns engagement, where own abilities and virtuosity are being acknowledged, is welcome.


Pole dance training for men!
Male pole is a combination of exercises for fitness and strength, customized for men. During the exercise, one’s own body weight is used in order to shape the whole body. It is a training for men, who dare to try something new, fun and at the same time want to maintain their physical fitness.
Duration: 90 minutes.


The most energetic and dynamic training at Pandora art of Pole!
Exercises for fitness and strength are done at the pole. Training is aimed at girls, who want a faster progress in pole dance trainings. The emphasis does not lie on learning new elements (although many new things will be taught), the pole will be used as a tool for exercises that will help us learn new and more difficult elements faster and with more ease.
You should at least be level INT2 to participate this training.


Pole workout for pregnant women.
During this workout, we will do exercises for your entire body; all exercises will be adapted to the needs of pregnant women. Pole will be used as a tool for some exercises; we will slowly dance around it and feel our feminine self. We will enjoy our pregnancy, relax and form a bond with the new life growing inside us.
This exercise is fun and very beneficial for pregnant women and at the same time gives you the opportunity to communicate with other pregnant women and most of all to take some time just for yourself.
Duration: 75 minutes.


An easy pole dance training.
Would you like to try pole dance but you believe that your age is a limit? Do you think you are not strong enough? You might even think you weigh too much? Would you like a fun workout where you can dance and shape your body both at the same time?
If your answer to any of these questions is YES, easy pole is perfect for you! During the pole training, you will shape your entire body, do exercises for your back, for stretching, learn new elements at the pole, dance, have fun and enjoy the training. This training is for those of you, who have a desire to dance but have some prejudice about pole dance.
Come, try it out and have fun with us!

Trainings are meant for:

  • mums, who have given birth at least three months ago,
  • mums, who already have a child for longer time,
  • ladies in their prime years, who do not suffer from any major health issues or issues with spine or joins,
  • all the others, who want an easy and fun workout.

Duration: 75 minutes.

Center plesa (Dance centre) also offers other workshops, you might be interested in, inside their premises: dance for toddlers, learning English through dance for toddlers, dance for children, pilates, pilates for pregnancy, power yoga, and aerial yoga.(


Pole dance trainings at Pandora- Art of Pole are also visited by girls and ladies, who live, study or work in Maribor or in Austria and do not speak Slovene. English is not an issue for our instructors. Send an email ( and we will discuss the possibilities for trainings in English.


Once a month on Saturdays you get the chance to exercise, dance by the pole, revise the elements you have learned during trainings, do exercises for strength, etc. It lasts 75 minutes and there is always at least one instructor there due to your safety, although you will warm up on your own.

It is meant for members only and costs 5 €.

The dates of Pandora’s special lesson are given in advance and are published on our webpage as well as on our Facebook page.

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