Pole dance is art…

nina vuk

"Pole dance is art and at KD Center plesa (Cultural society Dance Center) we are lucky to be taught be such talented artists. Not to mention that we are a one big happy family. I thank every single one of you, from the youngest to the oldest."

- Nina Vuk

Exercise that awakens the body and soul…


"When I started practicing pole dance four years ago and became a part of Pandora's family my life and my perspective of recreation, exercise, and shaping body, completely changed. It is an exercise that awakens the body and soul. Instructors' warmth and attitude towards participants contribute to persistence, self-confidence and loving oneself. Pole dance is not only a good exercise or recreation it is much more. In a female it awakens passion and attitude to herself. It changes the perspective one has about herself because an incredible strength, which is physical as well as psychological, awakens. Pandora’s instructors at KD Center plesa (Dance Centre) have the ability to genuinely and self-confidently help each dancer, even the shyest one! Priceless moments. Knowledge. Strength. Friendship. Love for dance and creation. Thank you for encouragement and belief! And for the self-confidence, which is despite my illness (because of which I am currently unable to train) still very present inside me. I can barely wait for my moment to come, when I can confidentially climb up the pole again. :)"

- Tinka Dobaja

Feel like the sexiest woman in the world...


"Pole dance has always seemed to me being a class for independent, strong women. When I see women dancing on the pole I feel like they have the power over the whole audience. I like it for the power and the strength. I don’t want to be sexy all the time, but when I’m at a pole dance class I feel like the sexiest women in the world, seriously. I always leave the class full of confidence and I can’t wait for next one. I also like that everybody is smiling all the time and that the atmosphere during the class is so cheerful and friendly. I really love it!"

- anonimen

Immediately addicted to pole dance…

tina marin

"I have always been enthusiastic about dance and when I tried pole dance, at Pandora, Center plesa (Dance Centre),out of pure curiosity, I became addicted also to pole dance. Each new element that I learn gives me additional motivation and joy for further trainings and exploration of this wonderful sport that is full of new challenges. Pole dance is a special genre of dance, recreation, relaxation and gaining strength and self-confidence. Pole dance offers many opportunities not only for progress but also for facing one owns fears and overcoming their inhibitions. There is always something new one can strive for and wants to conquer, even though some elements and combination seem impossible at the beginning. Therefore, a topmost team of Pandora's teachers helps us to achieve the impossible by leading us through qualitative and relaxed trainings. Our instructors, who are always full of energy, are always happy about our progress. :)"

- Tina Marin

We are not rivals we are friends…

vanja sori

"To me pole dance is the first discipline where one dances, exercises, shapes their body, clears their mind, with the help our teachers sweats a lot and makes oneself and other laugh by hanging from the pole looking like a monkey or by trying out some elements for the first time and somehow not doing it as elegant as our dear teachers, who have the joy to share their knowledge with us, do. One feels well during training because there is no rivalry. We are all happy for one another whenever one learns a new element we are all happy for her. We are not rivals we are friends who encourage each other and gather once a week by the pole instead of having a glass of beer. We laugh, sweat and encourage each other. Each time we cannot wait for the next training to dance again and have a great time even though we sometimes leave the hall very tired, even unable to say a single word which is very untypical for us women. Anyway we feel well going home knowing we did something good for ourselves and having enjoyed the training, which sometimes passes by too fast. Pole dance gets under your skin and eventually you even start missing the many bruises you had at the beginning. :D However, pole dance rocks and all of you who dance by the pole rock and especially all of you who are teaching us, rock:* "

- Vanja Šori

Dance is my unfulfilled childhood passion…


"Dance is my unfulfilled childhood passion and since I believe it is never too late I started dancing when I was more than 30 years old. I have tried different genres but everywhere I had a feeling I was too old. I have only danced pole dance for a couple of months now but still I can say that no other dance can give this many results in such a short period of time. While yesterday I still believed I was not able to perform some tricks today with the help of instructors I can perform them :) Each training gives you more and more self-confidence, strength and you trust that you can do it even if you are not in the flush of youth and you have no prior dance knowledge. I admire the girls who are real virtuosos and I believe I will soon be as good as they are because only pole dance can fulfil my body and soul :) Thank you dear teachers for believing in us beginners."

- Nataša Mohorko

I have never before experienced anything alike…


"I have heard of pole dance a few years ago and have wanted to try it out but somehow couldn't find the time to do it. This year my wish came true and all I can say about pole dance is: it's great, super, fantastic! I have been dancing for 15 years and in all that time I have never experienced anything alike! You immediately become fit, your body changes after a couple of trainings (of course the change is good :D), and more and more. And the teachers are just great :D Natka, u rock! ;) I wish it was Sunday already, the time for training…:P "

- VK

I needn't have been afraid…


"I did not train any sport long after primary school, this is why at the beginning I was afraid of how I would involve into pole dance and most of all whether I would be able to do it at all. But I needn’t have been afraid, because Pandora's teachers are great and are able to encourage anyone. Most of all through trainings I gained strength and self-confidence which was my desired goal. Moreover, I am surrounded by great people. :)"

- Julija

Elegance, sensuality and an excellent feeling for body and movement…


"Pandora dancers amazed me at their performances with their elegance, sensuality, and a great feeling for body and movement, which are interweaved excellently into each one of their choreographies. This and a good training that pole dance offers persuaded me to involve to Pandora's pole dance group. I would like to emphasize that trainings enable individual approach and immediate feedback of Pandora teachers due to small groups. I like spending time with you! ;)"

- Nina

In life nothing is impossible…

mojca jarc1

"Pole dance made me love my body exactly as it is. At the end of each training I am already looking forward to the next one, because lots of great energy is present in the dance hall. The energy of our instructors and all girls enables us to discover new strengths that are hiding inside our bodies. The twirls and tricks have taught me that in life nothing is impossible. One only needs to follow their dreams and persist as long as it takes for their dreams to come true. Girls, thank you for unforgettable moments we spent and will spend together. Thank you for your effort, persistence and patience. See you at the next training"

- Mojca Jarc

I got attracted by the breakneck moves and nice figures…

ina lasbaher

"I started training this exceptional sport one year ago. I got attracted by the breakneck moves, nice figures and most of all the connection of pole and dance. Most of the time I spent at Center plesa (Dance Centre), I spent at Natka’s trainings. She is a very motivating and encouraging person who describes very precisely how to do a certain move. I liked the fact that the first year was very much dedicated to gaining strength, because otherwise I would not be able to perform the more difficult elements. Generally speaking, I find the concept of trainings very good and successful, because it is based on persistence, flexibility, and strength."

- Ina Lasbaher