Jazz ballet, contemporary, modern, ballet, pole dance. Dance education: Dance Centre, Plesna izba Maribor, Pingi, various dance workshops.


Dance Centre, Pandora – Art of pole (Maja Logar)


I have enjoyed dancing since childhood and continued to love it until today … I have first seen pole dance as a special genre of dance and attraction on YouTube and thought wow, I wanna do that too! Well, the opportunity emerged when Maja Logar began teaching pole dance at the Dance Centre, where I have been dancing since 2007, and in 2013 I joined the Pandora’s at the pole. Since the first training, I was impressed, in particular, by the dimension, creativity and attractiveness of pole dance. Pole dance presents a big challenge for me as well, every successfully performed element gives me joy and motivation to continue to conquer new, more difficult elements; all the while starting to respected the strength and outstanding capabilities of your own body, which you sometimes didn’t even realize you had. Pole dance to me represents joy, relaxation, entertainment, remedy, expression of emotions and art. For me the positive atmosphere and energy in the room and during training is very important. None of this is lacking with the Pandora’s, which is why I am very glad to be part of this inspiring team of attractive dancers.


“Keep smiling.”