Pandora – Art of Pole enrolls new members

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Pandora – Art of Pole is enrolling new members for pole training. Sign up for a free presentation training on Wednesday, 30 August, at 18.00, in Tkalski prehod 7, in the center of Maribor. Because of the limited number of places, prior registration is obligatory on mail:


  • It is an excellent, active form of socializing, recreation and entertainment.
  • When climbing, lowering, spinning, twisting or performing other kinds of turns, muscles of the whole body are strengthened, in particular the muscles of the shoulder region as well as abdominal, buttock and thigh muscles.
  • With regular exercise, even the most problematic areas of the body are strengthened, giving you a firm and seductive body.
  • It is an excellent form of recreation that increases self-esteem, restores confidence in one’s own body, and at the same time develops a sense of aesthetics, sensuousness and coordination.
  • It is a workout that shapes and liberates the spirit and the body.
  • It relaxes, soothes and at the same time gives energy and stimulates.


  • Pandora’s Pole Dance Training for women.
  • Pandora’s Pole Dance Training for men – Male Pole.
  • Pandora’s exercise on the pole for pregnant women – Pregnancy Pole.
  • Energetic pole training – Power Pole (not suitable for beginners).
  • Contemporary dance on the pole – Contemporary Pole.

Further information about our trainings can be found at, Facebook and Instagram.

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