Pandora- Art of Pole works as a part of Kulturno društvo Center plesa (Cultural Society Dance Centre), which is active in dance education, organisation of dance workshops, and dance and stage production.

Pole dance is a contemporary genre of artistic dance during which a dancer performs different dancing elements by a vertical pole. Seductive and gentle acrobatic moves make pole dance a fun training that gives a splendid opportunity to shape a perfect body. In a way it is a mixture of dance, fitness training, yoga, and gymnastics. Flexibility, endurance, and quite some physical strength are necessary for pole dance. Any woman who is motivated and persistent can learn pole dance.

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Training lasts 90 minutes and consista of three parts: warm up, learning elements and integrating them into choreography and relaxation.



A different way of celebrating birthday with friends, organise a special hen party or simply have fun.



Professional photo-shooting and photo processing in preferred poses on or at the pole.



Choose trainings of pole dance, private lessons, pole party, photo-shooting or something from our list of offers.






vanja sori

"To me pole dance is the first discipline where one dances, exercises, shapes their body, clears their mind, with the help our teachers sweats a lot and makes oneself and other laugh by hanging from the pole looking like a monkey or by trying out some elements for the first time and somehow not doing it as elegant as our dear teachers, who have the joy to share their knowledge with us, do. One feels well during training because there is no rivalry. We are all happy for one another whenever one learns a new element we are all happy for her. We are not rivals we are friends who encourage each other and gather once a week by the pole instead of having a glass of beer. We laugh, sweat and encourage each other. Each time we cannot wait for the next training to dance again and have a great time even though we sometimes leave the hall very tired, even unable to say a single word which is very untypical for us women. Anyway we feel well going home knowing we did something good for ourselves and having enjoyed the training, which sometimes passes by too fast. Pole dance gets under your skin and eventually you even start missing the many bruises you had at the beginning. :D However, pole dance rocks and all of you who dance by the pole rock and especially all of you who are teaching us, rock:* "

- Vanja Šori