Pandora- Art of Pole works as a part of Kulturno društvo Center plesa (Cultural Society Dance Centre), which is active in dance education, organisation of dance workshops, and dance and stage production.

Pole dance is a contemporary genre of artistic dance during which a dancer performs different dancing elements by a vertical pole. Seductive and gentle acrobatic moves make pole dance a fun training that gives a splendid opportunity to shape a perfect body. In a way it is a mixture of dance, fitness training, yoga, and gymnastics. Flexibility, endurance, and quite some physical strength are necessary for pole dance. Any woman who is motivated and persistent can learn pole dance.

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Training lasts 90 minutes and consista of three parts: warm up, learning elements and integrating them into choreography and relaxation.



A different way of celebrating birthday with friends, organise a special hen party or simply have fun.



Professional photo-shooting and photo processing in preferred poses on or at the pole.



Choose trainings of pole dance, private lessons, pole party, photo-shooting or something from our list of offers.






tina marin

"I have always been enthusiastic about dance and when I tried pole dance, at Pandora, Center plesa (Dance Centre),out of pure curiosity, I became addicted also to pole dance. Each new element that I learn gives me additional motivation and joy for further trainings and exploration of this wonderful sport that is full of new challenges. Pole dance is a special genre of dance, recreation, relaxation and gaining strength and self-confidence. Pole dance offers many opportunities not only for progress but also for facing one owns fears and overcoming their inhibitions. There is always something new one can strive for and wants to conquer, even though some elements and combination seem impossible at the beginning. Therefore, a topmost team of Pandora's teachers helps us to achieve the impossible by leading us through qualitative and relaxed trainings. Our instructors, who are always full of energy, are always happy about our progress. :)"

- Tina Marin